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A Dynamic Duo

I recently read an article, on a scientific study which determined that the connection between mothers and daughters remains stronger than other types of intergenerational family relationships, throughout all the changes of life. Not surprisingly, more research has shown mothers and daughters influence each other —for better or worse—in different ways than other relationships.

Also, it has been determined that this relationship keeps shifting its nature. As the years go by, certain hurdles most often arise, and this is usually because of the generation gap, or when mother’s desire to protect their daughters by creating certain parameters, and predictably their daughter’s rebel. Some of you may relate to this. I sure do.

Other factors that contribute to the challenges of this dynamic duo, are mothers who are living out unfulfilled dreams through their daughters, and mothers who make their young daughter’s their best friend and confidant. For many of those mother’s, these behaviors appear innocent, but the results are usually detrimental for their relationships. For daughters, the pressure of being mom’s friend, can cause confusion and resentment. However, when the boundaries between them are kept clear, mother as nurturer and provider, and daughter as the dependent- their relationship can remain healthy and positive.

Mom, your daughter needs your constant guidance, support, and love. She wants you to exemplify the female characteristics that she hopes to acquire, and to demonstrate the strength and fortitude that she strives to develop.

Daughter, there are basic and complex lessons every girl should be equipped with before entering womanhood. Although you may not always want to hear it, and there will be times she may not get it right, Mom has gained wisdom through her many experiences in life. She has good stuff to share.

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